Escape from Alcatraz : The True Story

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Al CaponeWhile the Alcatraz prison, which was located on Alcatraz island in the middle of San Francisco, closed down in 1963 it is still possibly the best known prison in the world. It housed some of the more dangerous criminals in the US and was known to many as a fortress, until that fateful day in 1962 when three prisoners decided to break out.

Escape from Alcatraz : The True Story tracks the amazing escape attempt, how it was planned and exactly what happened to the three prisoners, who were never seen again. The show has footage of interviews with former inmates who knew what was happening, prison guards from Alcatraz and FBI agents.

Each of these contributors offer an interesting angle on life at the prison and how likely it was that the men actually made it to shore in their makeshift raft. Three modern day coastguards agreed to retake that fateful journey in a replica of the raft which the prisoners used to escape, in an attempt to see if it was possible that they survived.

While the stories about Alcatraz continue to circulate to this day, by far the most high profile of “guests” was the gangster “Al Capone” who arrived on the island with one of the worst reputations in US criminal history. As soon as he “landed” it was stated that he would not receive any special treatment from the guards and was just another inmate, but the fact that he was still able to run his criminal rackets from Alcatraz island is a mystery!

Alcatraz seems to have one of those reputations which continues to grow even though it was decommissioned back in the 1960s. Afforded official US designation in the 1970s and 1980s the island is now operated by the National Park Service and open to the public for tours.

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  1. gin says:

    hi i would like to see pictures of the actual place e.g cells and eating rooms and was there sharks surrounding alcatraz and why did it close and how did they prisoners escape and were they caught

  2. lauren says:

    thanks the informaiton was exllentent it gave me alot information

  3. Angelo says:

    the information was good but i wanted to know what the three prisoners names were. i also want to know how exactly the three escaped from the jail. were they ever found or caught?

  4. Myth Expert says:

    I have forgotten the guys names but one of them was an escape artist with an IQ of 140, when an normal human of any ages IQ is 100 and the other Two where Brothers.
    To Escape they dug a hole in the back of there cells using spoons which they stole from the kitchen when they where having their meals. The hole at theback of there cells opened up into a corridor that wasn’t guarded. They then climbed up the pipes to the roof and made over the pipes connecting to the Water Tower (which are not there anymore). From there they climbed down onto the shore where they then made a raft out of Rain Coats which they Stole before hand and paddles out of wood in which they done for a couple months.

    Then at midnight they then took of into the waters and where never seen again.
    They had FBI agents and police looking for them and where never found eventhough they found one of the paddles on angel Island.

    The 3 Prisoners told other prisoners that they where going to escape to Angel Island but it is most likely that the 3 went west towards the Golden Gate Bridge due to the currents at that time of night they Escaped, and went on to the main lands.
    There was sightings all over America, one in Washington, Floria and even someone claiming to see them playing Golf. But the 3 where never found and its not sure if they drowned of not.

  5. Winston says:

    I was in San Francisco two days after the escape. I had come down from Seattle after atempting to find work at the Seattle Worlds Fair. It was common knowledge that one of the brothers had an IQ of 140 comparable to Einstein. Nobody knows if they made it. I heard stories of extreme currents that came fron several bodies of water that came together in San Francisco Bay. One thing that is common knowledge. A physical fittness star by the name of Jack LaLane swam from Alcatraz to shore with handcuffs on so this knocked the wind out of the current theory. Another thing is sharks were in the area, possibly another mith, because sharks don,t eat rafts. if they did make it any day now one will step forward and sell his story for millions if a relative is gaurenteed the money. Stay tuned.

  6. whitney says:

    i think this story is very interesting i would really like 2 know the three guys names though

  7. tori says:

    I believe that they escaped by building rafgts from their uniforms and sheets the they has waterproofed and had used and stolen tools from the workshop to build those rafts and sharks prefer warm waters and i heard it was cool that night, i cannot proove these, they are mere theories but i believe them.

  8. bre says:

    I am very interested in the story of alcatraz it first began when i wached the t.v series on 3/4/12 i have looked at about 39 websites on alcatraz i heard that 300 prisinors escaped im 11 yrs old and for some reason im just not startled by this story i read on many websites about the haunting of alcatraz and the spooky noises but what i dont understand is how people came back the same age i wish i could just see this like picture the story of alcatraz in my head does anybody know if it really was fiction about the people coming back?? if it is that is AWESOME i want to like see one of their spirits but like not die its so interesting

  9. goran says:

    there is a series named ALCATRAZ…IT`S amazing guys just watch it