The Inbetweeners is The Anti-Skins

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the-inbetweeners.jpgI tuned in for a peek at The Inbetweeners which premieres tomorrow night on E4 at 10pm. You see, I saw the ad and thought ‘argh, Skins. Again.Why? We already have one….’ Plus I was confused since they are both projects of channel 4. Only it turns out this is the first sitcom commissioned for E4, so that’s pretty big, and also, actually having seen it, its kind of The Anti-Skins.

So why is it The Anti-Skins? Well, this show isn’t about pregnancy, near deaths and eating disorders, oh no, The Inbetweeners revels in the puerile, shallow concerns of adolescence. Virginity, mockery and parents all feature. This is more American Pie than your usual dirty gritty channel 4 drama.

Will is a public school nerd who has moved to the local comprehensive and is trying desperately to fit in. Since no one except the ‘freaks’ will talk to him he forcibly befriends some marginally cooler kids who want nothing to do with him. He ploughs on regardless. It’s weird, but this idealism in the face of true loserism makes him a strangely likeable character.

The set up is as snappy as the dialogue, which is good because the acting is at times (ok most of the time) pretty heavy handed. It kind of gives you the feeling you are watching your kid brother in a well written school play. But it’s filled with laugh out loud lines that pin with uncanny accuracy the bolshy, bull***ing nature of teenagers.

The casting is great, from Will (Simon Bird), who holds himself like a middle aged man and talks with the accepting irony of a self aware loser, to the brutal head of sixth form played by Greg Davies.

All round, definitely a good one to watch.

The Inbetweeners premieres tonight on E4 at 10pm

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