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The Royle FamilyThere can be few shows which have seen as much laughter, fun and misery in one short episode than those emotions experienced in The Royle Family.  Set in a working district of Manchester the show ran between 1998 and 2000 before the co-creator Caroline Aherne encountered a somewhat traumatic stage of her life which saw her drop out of the TV writing and acting scene for a few years. 

However, it is good to see the return of The Royle Family on UK Gold at a time when there is a definite lack of new and original comedy on the TV.  Caroline Aherne and co-writer Craig Cash star as Denise and Dave, with Sue Johnston and Ricky Tomlinson taking centre stage as her onscreen parents.  Ralf Little also made a name for himself as Denise’s little brother Anthony.  For those who have seen the show you would be lucky to find a group of actors who could portray this simple format in such a way as to catch the attention and respect of the audience.

Centred around the family living room, the vast majority of the show sees the family sitting and watching TV, chatting about what they plan to do, what is going on the neighbourhood and what is on TV.  Ricky Tomlinson is hilarious in his role as the head of the family, a man who thinks he is in control, when it is really his wife who keeps the family unit together.

Due to its short duration, much like Fawlty Towers, of which there were actually very few episodes produced, The Royle Family has the chance to retain a long term cult status with UK comedy fans. 

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