Online Web TV Shows The Way Forward?

May 2, 2008 by  
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An online web series called We Need Girlfriends has been picked up by massive US network CBS.

The low budget series is based on the lives of three college room mates, Steven Tsapelas, Angel Acevedo and Brian Amyot as they attempt to understand the great mysterious world of chicks and dating.

Set just after the three are simultaneously dumped by their long term girlfriends, the three newly graduated fellas are bereft.

The guys have described their show as the anti-Entourage, saying that picking up women is just well, not nearly as easy as the show makes out. This forms the basis of most of the antics of the boys as they hang out in Queens trying to get the girls.

There have already been 11 fifteen minute episodes online and have proved a cult success.

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