Jesus Camp

May 6, 2008 by  
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jesus-camp.JPGThere can be few subjects that prompt such differing opinions as religion and politics, but when you mix the two together in the United States of America you have the potential for real fireworks. Jesus Camp is an interesting and often disturbing look into the fundamentalist Christian movement in the US and their attempts to teach children how to become the future foot soldiers of “God’s Army”.

This documentary follows the lives of devout Christians Levi and Rachael as they head off to Pastor Becky Fischer’s summer camp in the bizarrely named Devil’s Lake area of North Dakota (even more alarmingly, the camp is commonly referred to as “Kids on Fire” camp). The program tracks the two new entrants through their time at the camp and allows them to express their thoughts as they progress.

Those who have covered the US Christian movement at length will know that it has a strong moral, religious and politic standing in the United States.  Jesus Camp is one of many such camps across the country and Pastor Becky Fischer is only the tip of iceberg for her chosen profession.

The Christian movement in the US has been at the forefront of an array of controversial subjects from abortion to casinos and everything else in between. They hold a very powerful position in many states and cities across the US and have a substantial input when it comes to events such as the Presidential Elections.  These very secretive associations have rarely allowed access to their inner working and camps such as “Kids on Fire” so tonight’s show should be an eye opener to those not aware of what happens.

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