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Coronation StreetSad times for Liam and Maria who have buried their stillborn son. Needless to say, there is still a distance between the unhappy couple. Liam is determined to go back to work to try and get back to normal, but in doing so upsets Maria. Matters aren’t helped by pushy Carla who turns up at Liam and Maria’s house with a bottle of wine. Liam is forced to reveal that he once had feelings for Carla. Maria moves out to stay with Fiz, and Liam heads off to confront Carla. As they argue, Liam blames her for everything. Carla responds by saying that she knows that he fancies her like mad, and that is the root cause of everything. As he goes to leave, Maria calls him. Torn between the two women in his life, Liam has a big decision to make. Later, Rosie heads to Carla’s house to get the keys to the factory. But when she reaches Carla’s street Rosie is amazed to see Liam who steps out of the door backwards with Carla’s arms around his waist. Rosie hides and watches them kiss whilst filming the passionate scene on her mobile phone.

Elsewhere, Gail meets her long-lost father, Ted, who reveals that he is gay. Gail is shocked to the core, and struggles with the correct vocabulary even referring to Ted as being ‘normal’ – not very PC – when he was with Audrey, and clumsily asking if her birth was the result of an experiment. When Audrey meets up with them later and asks Ted if he wants to go for a drink in the Rovers, Gail can’t resist dropping the bombshell news.

Meanwhile Becky and Jason have their first row, following Jason’s refusal to go clubbing. Also, Leanne lands herself a job behind the bar at the Rovers. Paul is feeling down about the thought of going to prison. Deirdre begins to notice Liz’s affections for Harry.

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