EastEnders Teaser May 7, 2008

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EastEndersRoxy’s trip to the hospital last week paid off to some extent – she met a dishy doc. Now, hoping to learn about the medic’s bedside manner, Roxy lines up a date. But things don’t go as planned for the randy raver – do they ever? In fact, she’s in for one or two surprises – some more welcome than others. It’s clear that Roxy has a lot of thinking to do.

There’s another fairly big storyline for Heather coming up. Step forward the wonderful Heather Trott, played to absolute perfection by actress Cheryl Fergison. She came for a week as a one-note comedy sidekick for the equally fabulous Shirley Carter. We thought she was just another dowdy, tubby girl – a cut price Cilla Brown. But she’s lasted the course and this week Heather tries to become a domestic goddess. However,  Shirley soon ruins her plans. Heather’s further efforts fall somewhat short when she and Shirley are arrested after a boozy night out. The dynamic duo spend the night behind bars and both make some life-changing decisions…

Elsewhere, Wellard goes missing. This may come as no surprise to fans – the mutt seems to go missing every other week. Of course, the pooch is found – but he’s not made very welcome. Dawn’s attempts to play matchmaker for Mickey don’t quite go to plan. Christian causes chaos when he takes over Roxy’s shift at The Vic. And Dot and Tanya discover they have something in common.

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