Emmerdale Teaser

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EmmerdaleFreddie has disappeared into thin air. The police aren’t doing too much about it, so a distraught Viv has taken matters into her own hands. Frantic, she distributes e-fits of Freddie door-to-door, and even accosts a stranger thinking it is Fred. This stranger is about to call the police, but Bob manages to persuade him to back off. It goes from bad to worse for poor Viv when Donna and Ross find a pile of unopened bills addressed to Viv at an empty house belonging to Freddie. Viv panics and heads to the house with Bob – but both are arrested. The couple must take their place in a line up. Will they be cleared?

The fairly confusing baby swap storyline continues apace. On the morning of the hearing, Ashley fails to convince Laurel to attend. Instead, she bumps into Greg and spends the morning with him looking through pictures of Daniel. Ashley returns from the hearing and is put on edge by seeing them together. He explains that Mel and Arthur will have to have a DNA test once they return. Later, Ashley attempts to smooth things over with his wife, but puts his foot in it by mentioning Arthur again. Laurel says that she needs more time. Can the troubled couple pull their marriage back from the brink? Meanwhile Greg grows more and more worried when he speaks to Mel’s mother who hasn’t seen or heard from her.

Elsewhere, there are happier families over at Shadrach’s when Gennie and Brenda turn up. Brenda apologises for getting off on the wrong foot. After settling down to see baby photos of Gennie, the Dingles persuade Brenda and Gennie to stay for dinner. Can Shadrach finally be a father to Gennie? Pearl is sick of being harrassed about the cruise but Lily is undaunted. Pearl shows Rodney her list of possible candidates and they discuss the pros and cons. Who will be the lucky winner?

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