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Neighbours TeaserSteph has decided that she wants to marry Ramsay Street’s resident loser-in-love Toadie. As you can imagine, he is over the moon. But his happiness is shortlived. Having made big wedding plans, the Toadster is rocked by Steph’s decision to have but a small, low-key ceremony. Toadie wonders if she really wants to get married, and his thoughts turn to his ex-wife Dee who was killed in a car crash. Now he revisits the scene of the accident to say his last goodbyes. Meanwhile, Libby forces Steph to make her mind up about her fiance.

Disturbing flashbacks of the roof collapse at the dance party have been tormenting Elle. Riley suspects she is hiding the extent of her trauma. Indeed, Elle struggles to get a grip as Paul forces her to seek the help she needs. Unfortunately his meddling infuriates Elle and leads to a deep rift between father and daughter. Rebecca intervenes and convinces Elle to seek Karl’s help in dealing with the post-traumatic stress. Paul feels frustrated and powerless at being left out of his daughter’s treatment, while Rebecca is alarmed when Elle’s therapy reveals some deep-seated fears about her father. Can she keep these revelations to herself? Meanwhile Riley tries to maintain his distance from Elle, but finds that his feelings only intensify as their separation continues

Elsewhere, a positive pregnancy test forces Rosie and Frazer to confront their conflicting feelings about parenthood. Rosie’s fears about having a baby clash with Frazer’s enthusiasm. Frazer is eventually forced to confront her with a shocking plan: he will raise the baby alone if necessary. Rosie refuses to be pressured by Frazer’s ultimatum, and even wonders if their marriage is over. But when her class action suit with the parents of the kids caught in the roof collapse brings her into contact with a grieving mother, Rosie gains a new insight into what it means to be a mother.

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