European Open IV

May 7, 2008 by  
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PokerThe phenomenon that is poker suffered a major set-back when the US authorities outlawed online gambling, but there is still a great deal of interest in Europe where the final stages of the European Open IV get under way with a record prize pot of some $504,000 up for grabs.

Last year’s runner up, Darren Hickman, will be hoping that he can go one step further and snatch one of the largest prizes in world poker, but the other four finalists will have something to say about that.

There were many people who believed that live poker would not be transferable to the big screen but recent advances in technology and a handy camera under each players “hand” allows those at home to watch the games unfold in detail. Many live poker shows are also lightning fast at showing the odds for each hand on display and the chances of winning the pot. From the luxury of your own home you can check who has the best chance and who is bluffing.

While the early rounds of these large live poker competitions can be a little tedious with literally hundreds of players on show, the final few tables are where the real fun happens. Even though it is not the same as actually being there or playing, you can sense the tension as the final hand draws closer. Who will be there at the end? Will some blow it with a winning hand?

Anyone who has played poker online or offline will know that it’s a very unpredictable game – even those with the best hands do not always win the chips. More and more viewers are also finding that live tournaments are a great way to learn the game and the many strategies involved.

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