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Coronation StreetThere’s all kinds of building-related drama going on in Weatherfield this week, mainly concerning the Peacock-Webster house exchange. Sally excitedly gets to work planning the decor for her new home, ignoring the minor fact that the property is not hers yet – but then Claire throws a spanner in the works by claiming that the Websters owe them more money. It looks like the exchange is in danger of falling through – unless the bickering women can put their differences aside…

More progress is being made regarding Liz and Harry’s secret relationship. Harry claims that he and Liz are just friends, but Dan is not convinced. When he ‘accidentally’ tells Steve that Harry and Liz are having a cosy dinner in the flat, Steve is incensed and heads round there to have it out with Liz. Is he going to find her cheating on Vernon?

Michelle returns from Ireland to discover that Leanne is the Rovers’ latest barmaid – how will she cope with the competition? Molly and Tyrone have an argument over their house’s stone cladding, while the Barlows face chaos after their lounge ceiling springs a leak. Paul decides on drastic measures to avoid justice, much to Molly’s concern. And Roy is unamused when Becky and Jason patch things up.

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