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May 8, 2008 by  
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EastEndersThe green-eyed monster makes an appearance in Albert Square this week as Sean notices that Jack and Tanya seem to be becoming more than just friends. The pair have been growing closer ever since Max left, and it all gets a bit much for Sean when he clocks them flirting and flies into a jealous rage.

It’s not all bad news for Cupid though – it looks like there may be love in the air as Minty and Heather begin to bond. Could the big lug actually be falling for the karaoke queen? Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse when a heartbroken Heather catches her daft beau kissing another woman. While Heather tries to make sense of this latest drama, a chastened Minty is distressed to realise the pain that he has caused her.

There is also drama for Chelsea this week, as her birthday brings an unpleasant surprise. Garry’s head is in the clouds as he rues his missed opportunity with the air hostess. Darren and Libby kiss and make up. Zainab cooks a special meal for her family. And Roxy continues to struggle with her news.

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