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NeighboursPoor Toadie is living proof that the path of true love never runs smoothly. He has already endured heartbreak after his wife Dee perished in a wedding-day tragedy, and now it looks like his rocky romance with Steph might be heading for disaster. When the big day finally dawns, a nervous Toadie is convinced that he’s going to be jilted… but everyone is stunned when Steph turns out to be the one left at the altar.

Susan is also having a bad week after pushing herself too far in order to give a reading at the wedding. Angrily rejecting her family’s advice to take it easy, Susan realises that they were right when she collapses at the rehearsal and is rushed to hospital. Karl wants his wife to seek specialist care at an MS retreat – will she see sense after this latest drama and listen to the good doctor?

Elsewhere, Toadie’s week gets even worse after his precious pooch Bob is the victim of a hit-and-run – thanks to Frazer, who was rushing to Rosie’s side after hearing that she had collapsed. Will this disaster force Rosie to reveal that she is in the family way? Paul is faced with temptation in the foxy form of Kirsten, while Oliver and Mia’s secret affair is exposed. Marco makes a confession to Carmella, and Rebecca receives some information that could have dramatic consequences for Steph.

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