Parallel Worlds : A User’s Guide

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Matt GroeningWhile you might wonder if this is a documentary, a comedy show or the introduction of some space age invention it is actually a look at the alternative worlds to which TV has introduced us over the years. For many people, television can offer something of an escape from the pressures and tensions of every day life.

Parallel Worlds : A User’s Guide covers a number of different worlds, including Star Trek, which has to be the most successful space age programme ever to be broadcast on TV. It made household names of a number of actors and actresses and it has also spawned literally thousands of Star Trek fan clubs and websites.  Will we ever see anything to compete with Captain James T Kirk and his crew?

Then there’s Dr Who. As often as they try to write off Dr Who it keeps coming back bigger and better. The secret behind the success of Dr Who is the fact that the producers and writers seem to reinvent it for a new audience, but how long will they get away with this for?

While a bigger hit in the US than the UK, Futurama still has many fans over here across the pond. Created by Matt Groening of Simpsons fame it follows the life of a New York City pizza delivery boy who is frozen on 1st January 2000 only to be revived one thousands years later.  The show created the animated sitcom market and has been the inspiration behind many other shows.

These are just a few of the alternative dimensions which the show will cover but we all have our favourites – shows which let us relax in a different world and chill a little. So which is your favourite new world?

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