Coronation Street Teaser May 14, 2008

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Coronation StreetThe ongoing argument between Sally and Claire over the house swap ends in potential disaster when Sally gives Claire a piece of her mind and informs her that the deal is off. Claire responds by announcing that she is going to sell the house through an agent, infuriating Sally by putting up a For Sale sign. And when two prospective buyers show up for a tour, Claire triumphantly believes that she has got one over on her enemy… but is she speaking too soon?

There’s drama elsewhere in Weatherfield when a gang of teenagers, led by Chesney’s schoolfriend, Kenzie, rampage through the Street. After breaking a window and knocking Roy to the ground, they set their sights on robbing the Kabin. With Rita and Emily out at lunch, Norris is trapped in the shop with the gang – who make their getaway just as the ladies return. What have the intruders done to poor Norris?

Also this week, Liz is determined to show everyone, particularly Harry, how committed she is to her marriage. Jack tries to convince Paul to stay and face the music. Gail worries about the newly unemployed Tina. And the Kabin robbery has far-reaching repercussions in the Street.

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