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EmmerdalePoor Pollard – not only does fiancee Val want all the stops pulled out for a dream wedding, but he’s also been slapped with a tax demand for £30,000. With the thought of prison more appealing than incurring Val’s wrath, Pollard is desperate to find a solution that will please his lady and the taxman. Inspired by Jo’s stories about her wedding to Andy in the decorated barn, Pollard starts planning a similarly bargainous bash – but when Diane hears about Pollard’s idea, she rightly suspects that his motivations are more penny-pinching than romantic. Will she spill the beans to Val?

Bob and Val’s marriage, meanwhile, is on shaky ground after Bob begins to suspect that his wife is hiding something. When Viv overhears him asking the private investigator about her association with Freddie, she begs him to believe that she hasn’t been unfaithful. Bob is not convinced, and interrogates Viv after hearing that she was off work on the day that a witness saw her at Freddie’s. Feeling upset and betrayed, Viv tearfully throws Bob out of the house. Happily, it seems that there is hope for the couple when Louise announces that she is Viv’s alibi – but is she telling the truth?

Elsewhere this week, Pollard’s wedding causes him yet more headaches. Jasmine accepts Diane’s offer of a job at the Woolpack, but how will it affect Miles? The feud between Carl and Matthew continues. And Zak gets himself into another fine mess when he quits his job over Belle’s school fees.

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