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May 14, 2008 by  
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NeighboursPaul’s ego lands him in big trouble this week after he ends up in a steamy clinch with Kirsten. In a fit of conscience, he later decides that he doesn’t want to ruin things with Rebecca and tells Kirsten that they must maintain a professional relationship. When Kirsten finds out about Paul’s other woman, she keeps quiet about their encounter – but Paul is paranoid that she is planning to expose his philandering ways and offers her cash to keep her quiet. Has he made a fatal error?

Toadie is still reeling from his disastrous wedding day and wants nothing more to do with the girl who broke his heart. However, he is forced to reconsider when Rebecca presents him with evidence that Steph is about to be implicated in the warehouse collapse. Can Toadie put his pain aside and warn Steph that trouble is on the horizon?

Also this week, Harold stuns Lou by announcing that he wants to sell up and leave Ramsay Street. An argument between the old friends swiftly ensues – culminating in Lou collapsing. And Rachel agrees to tutor Declan after hours, but is annoyed when he asks her to keep their meetings secret from Bridget.

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