An Audience Without… Jeremy Beadle

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Jeremy BeadleHow apt that the man who dominated our screens for so many years will be remembered by an audience of show business stars from eras past and present. An Audience Without… Jeremy Beadle will take a look at the life and times of the man who took TV pranks to a different level and invented a whole new style of television.  As seems to be the way in the UK, stars like Jeremy Beadle are only ever appreciated when they have passed away, possibly unaware of the real affection which the TV public had for them.

Jeremy Beadle was very private. On screen he was a funny man but could be serious when required (nobody has ever raised as much money for charity as Beadle).  Tonight’s show is hosted by Chris Tarrant with a special star studded tribute to the Prince of Pranksters.

The show will include a remake of one of Beadle’s famous Game for a Laugh games and we will see the top five stunts from Beadle’s About as voted by the viewing public.  It is sometimes hard to remember that Beadle’s About ran for an incredible twenty two years and became prime viewing for many families. Will we see the stunt where the aliens land in a lady’s back garden? Or the gentlemen whose car was pushed into the dock? There are so many to choose from.

Jeremy Beadle was born in 1948 and died earlier this year at the age of just 59 leaving behind a wife and children. His illness was short and unexpected and he leaves behind a whole host of memories and smiles. It seems that the man they said the public loved to hate has more fans than ever before.

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