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May 20, 2008 by  
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In a scenario which many believe is reflecting the situation in the US, award winning filmmaker David Modell tackled the controversial growth in the power and influence of Christian fundamentalism and the impact which it is having upon the politics of today, and documented his findings in last night’s Dispatches.

Modell was been given permission to tail a number of leading activists from the movement as they attempted to tackle the subject of the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Bill which has been in the headlines for some time.  As we near the final vote on the bill, Christian activists have been mobilised to try and convince MPs that they should be voting in line with the Bible and against the bill.

This is one of the more controversial bills to come before the Houses of Parliament for some time and it is one that has produced a number of differing views and opinions.  There are two distinct camps – the religious movement and the medical profession, and while each have made their case it will be up to the MPs to vote for or against the proposed changes.

One thing which seems to have infuriated the religious activists is the fact that Gordon Brown has threatened to call MPs to heel and order them to vote with the Party line, which is for the bill. While we have seen some concessions over the last couple of weeks, it seems that MPs will not be allowed a so-called free vote on the overall bill, although some have threatened to go against the Government.

Religion and politics are a heady mix of views, opinions and beliefs and there has been major confrontation in the past with regards to controversial bills.  This bill looks like it will go right to the wire and while the Government are confident that they will win the day, there is still work to do in order to secure victory.

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