Coronation Street Teaser

May 21, 2008 by  
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Coronation StreetNaughty Teresa has let Kayleigh and Finlay skive off school this week, much to Mel’s disapproval, and even leaves poor Finlay to hang out in the pub’s smoking shelter while she has a drink inside. When Lloyd spots the boy, the two get chatting and are later joined by Teresa… who recognises Lloyd as an old flame from years ago! When she hears that Lloyd now owns a successful taxi firm, she comes up with a plan to make Lloyd believe that he’s Finlay’s dad – and that he owes her big-time. Will he fall for her inventive sob story?

Jason, meanwhile, is getting worried about how fast things seem to be moving with Becky. When he confesses to Eileen that he wants to cool it with Becky, she advises him to come clean, otherwise Becky will just get hurt. But when Becky, sensing that something is wrong, invests in some sexy new underwear, Jason is powerless to resist…

Also this week, Vernon is suspicious when he comes home from the cruise to find a guilty Liz being unusually attentive. The feud between Dan and Steve intensifies. Ashley forces Claire to apologise to Sally. And Gail prepares for Ted’s visit and David’s return.

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