EastEnders Teaser May 21, 2008

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EastEndersThe hapless Keith and his family receive some good fortune, for once – but how long will it last? Not long, as it turns out… it seems that Keith may have lost the lottery ticket that could have changed everything for the Millers. Keith attempts to make amends, but has the precious piece of paper gone forever?

A bemused Bradley, meanwhile, is scratching his head after receiving more than one romantic proposal – but he’s not sure that they are from the person he would like to romance the most. Later, he tries to impress the foxy Clare, who he’s had his eye on for some time… but will his efforts pay off?

Elsewhere in Walford, Jack and Tanya’s relationship progresses. A suspicious Dawn wonders whether Jase is cheating on her. Keith descends on the Masood family. And Chelsea disappears, but is later found living it up in R+R and indulging in the ‘high life’…

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