Hollyoaks Teaser – May 21, 2008

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HollyoaksHeroin addict Sasha is struggling to cope with withdrawal this week, and is terrified when Nige confronts her and demands that she pays back the money she owes him. When her withdrawal symptoms become too much to bear, Sasha reluctantly sleeps with Nige for a hit – but is left devastated when he refuses to hand over the drugs. And when Sasha tries to convince Fletch to get back together with her, he is too disgusted to even speak to her – and Lauren, worried about her, has told Leo and Calvin who stole the laptop. Has Sasha finally burned all her bridges?

Amy is confused over her feelings for Ste, but decides to put her troubles behind her and make a nice romantic dinner to get things back on track. Unfortunately, Ste saw Amy comforting an upset Josh and is now consumed by jealousy. Begging for forgiveness after blowing up at her, Ste realises that he might have blown it this time.

Also this week, Myra is attacked in the village but has no idea that Fletch is her assailant. Dominic decides to play the OB role and be a good friend to Max, setting his reluctant mate up on a date. And Nancy worries about the custody case.

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