Neighbours Teaser May 21, 2008

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NeighboursAfter Ramsay Street old-timers Lou and Harold’s big argument ended in the former collapsing, the twinkly-eyed favourite has been rushed to hospital. Relieved to hear that his friend only had an anxiety attack, the guilt-stricken Harold tells Lou what their friendship means to him. But can Lou swallow his pride and give Harold’s plan to leave Erinsborough his blessing?

Meanwhile, Paul gets himself into more trouble as he tries to bribe Kirsten into keeping her mouth shut about their fling. Insulted by his offer of hush money, Kirsten replies that she’ll do as he asks – but only if he helps her career. Forced to agree to Kirsten’s demands, Paul makes her trainee manager at Lassiter’s – but soon finds out that this is not the end of his troubles.

Elsewhere, Toadie’s heartbreak over Steph is affecting his work – and lands Daniel in hospital when he accidentally knocks him out during a football match. Things may be looking up for Libby’s love life. Rebecca and Elle join forces to expose the mayor’s dodgy dealings. And Chloe’s christening ends in a fist-fight between Marco and Oliver.

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