Wedding Addicts: Hidden Lives

May 22, 2008 by  
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They used to say “you only get married once” but this doesn’t seem to be the case these days – well, not among a growing number who seem to be addicted to marriage.

Wedding Addicts: Hidden Lives takes a look at a number of people in the UK who have been married and re-married time and time again.  While we like to dress up the big day as romance and everlasting love the truth is a little different. This documentary gives us a great insight into the minds and thoughts of those who seem addicted to marriage, how they can leave a trail of ex-partners and children behind for a new life and what marriage actually means to them. What are they looking for? What has been missing from their earlier attempts at married bliss?

At a time when marriage is becoming somewhat outdated in the minds of many, it still holds a special place for some. The excitement and joy of being joined in marriage to the person you love has seen many happy couples settle down for life. So why has it changed? Why are so many people re-marrying?

This interesting show seeks to answer some of those questions. Catch it tonight at 11 pm on Five.

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