Genghis Khan

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Genghis KhanGenghis Khan is a film which has managed to stand the test of time, with an all star cast including Omar Sharif, Stephen Boyd, James Mason, Francoise Dorleac, Eli Wallach and Telly Savalas. Originally aired back in 1965 this is an interesting look at the life and times of a ruthless warrior who had the skill and foresight to unite the warring tribes of Northeast Asia. The 12th century leader conquered the whole of Asia and was on the verge of taking on the might of Europe when his empire began to crumble. Genghis Khan takes a look at the despot’s rise from obscurity to the leader of a band of ruthless warriors who let nothing stand in their way.

Born in 1162, Genghis Khan led the largest contiguous empire in history and literally put Mongolia on the map. He reigned from 1206 to 1227. While his death was a bitter blow for the empire it was not the end and it lasted for many years.

Genghis Khan died in 1227 after defeating the Tanguts and while he was worshipped by millions he was actually buried in an unmarked grave in his Mongolian homeland.  There are many myths and rumours which followed his rise and fall – many true and many with no basis in fact. However, there is no doubting that he united a troubled nation, and brought together tribes which had been at loggerheads for years. While there are few surviving pictures of Genghis Khan, the often quiet reserved look hid the ferocious fighter within him, a side which many saw during his reign.

This film is a fast-paced and informative portrait of the fearsom ruler and the legacy he left.

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