Coronation Street Teaser

May 28, 2008 by  
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Coronation StreetSteve and Dan’s feud has ended in tears, with Dan lying injured in the cellar. After fobbing Michelle off with a story about rats being down there, Steve peers down into the darkness to find Dan in a heap on the floor. Dan is rushed to hospital for an emergency operation on a haemorrhaged spleen – and wakes up to claim that Steve knew he was hurt, with the result that Steve is arrested for assault and unlawful imprisonment. Will Dan keep lying just to hurt his enemy?

Family issues also abound this week, with Gail announces to that she’s off to Milan to visit Sarah – leaving Ted to keep an eye on David and Tina. And poor Lloyd keeps handing over cash to Teresa, still under the misapprehension that he’s Finlay’s dad, and asks if he can become more involved in the boy’s life. Teresa tells him that’s not going to happen – if it does, she’ll get the CSA involved. How long will it be before Lloyd realises that Teresa is playing him for a fool?

Elsewhere this week, Becky is having man trouble: not only is Jason avoiding her, but she’s also ended up crying on Steve’s shoulder. Carla is anxious about Liam coming home. And Tina worries about David meeting her dad – will the two men in her life hit it off?

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