Emmerdale Teaser – May 28, 2008

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Things between the Jo and the volatile Andy are getting worse, with Sarah’s birthday the spark for his latest outburst. Embarrassed that Diane has organised a party for her, Andy flies into a rage when he sees that she’s also bought the child a lavish dolls’ house. Smashing the house, Andy then has to come up with an explanation for Sarah, backed reluctantly by Jo – but how long will it be before Jo tells somebody the truth about Andy’s recent behaviour?

EmmerdaleAshley and Laurel are also having a hard time, finding it difficult to adjust to Arthur’s arrival in their lives. Ashley is worried about Laurel’s reaction, noticing that she is failing to bond with the infant, and is also concerned that Arthur isn’t eating. When nothing else works, Ashley is forced to ask Mel for help – but his decision has unfortunate consequences all round.

Also this week, Lexi is turned away when she tries to get her job back. Nicola settles upon a new money-making scheme. Miles is upset to discover that he may have a fight on his hands if he wants to get it together with Jasmine. And Ashley realises that he may be fighting a losing battle.

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