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May 28, 2008 by  
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NeighboursLovebirds Libby and Daniel hit a rocky patch this week when Daniel just happens to mention that he’s a married man. Initially incandescent with rage over Daniel’s betrayal, Libby calms down when she hears the sad story of his mentally ill wife. Daniel tries to put his past behind him by asking Samantha for a divorce, but it seems that she is not quite ready to let go of the marriage. Does this mean that Libby and Daniel’s fledgling relationship is doomed?

Paul is also having relationship trouble this week, feeling neglected as Rebecca finds the class action and Oliver’s custody battle more interesting than her sulky partner. Predictably, it’s not long before Paul finds himself tempted by the forbidden fruit that is Kirsten… but how long can he resist her charms?

Elsewhere this week, Zeke and Taylah consider taking things to the next level, but Ringo isn’t so lucky in love and finds himself let down gently by Bridget. Steve invites Lou to move in, while Steph returns to find Toadie packed and ready to move out.

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