Russell Watson – Fighting For Life: Tonight

May 30, 2008 by  
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Russell WatsonTonight, Trevor McDonald’s Tonight show deals with the story of award winning tenor Russell Watson’s fight against a rare form of cancer.

Russell was recoding his latest album in the studio when he began to experience excruciating headaches and was rushed into hospital. After being checked over by a group of doctors it was revealed that he had a tumour in his pituitary gland and his life was literally in the balance.

Tonight is the first time that Russell has been able to talk about the experience and the moment when he was advised to say goodbye to his children for the last time. Miraculously, after complicated surgery he has made a full recovery, but a preview of tonight’s show gave viewers a glimpse of the lasting impact this has had on him and his family – two years not knowing if the tumour was going to come back.

People often think superstars are safe from the worries and issue of life, but Russell’s situation shows that fame and money are not a guard against illness.

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