Big Brother Day 26 – Bex and Mo at Loggerheads

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Big BrotherMohamed and Rebecca had a furious argument today.

Busty Bex was incensed when she realised Mohamed had used the last of her tobacco without asking and then thrown the packet in the bin.

She fumed “Who does that? Who takes my stuff?”

Mikey tried to defuse the situation by saying Bex could use the opportunity to try to stop smoking, but Luke was quick to hush his foul-mouthed friend.

Luke said “Oh Mikey, now is not the time to start preaching.”

Later, Bex told Luke she was so angry with Mohamed she was “shaking”.

The suit-loving student comforted his friend by saying he had seen Mohamed “smoking the butts of cigarettes”.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Dale moaned about evictions this afternoon.

Jennifer said “If it wasn’t me, and it was you or Bex or Luke that left, I don’t think I could take any more. I couldn’t lose another one.”

Dale replied “I do think I could’ve upset a lot of people in the last week. I’d hate to go at this stage. I don’t wanna go before you.”

Confused, Jennifer asked Dale what he meant.

He admitted he wouldn’t want to watch her getting close to anyone else, saying if she went before him he would know there would be no “silent creepers”.

Pointing out a flaw in his plan, Jennifer said “What’s to say I won’t go out and meet a lot of silent creepers?”

Big Brother Day 26 – Luke Freed

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LukeThe housemates used their Get Out of Jail card to release Luke this afternoon. The group decided to free the politics student – who was jailed earlier today for discussing nominations – after Big Brother banned him from nominating because he was imprisoned.

Rebecca went to the Diary Room and asked Big Brother if her friend would be able to vote if the group used the special token.

Thrilled to hear he would she raced to get it and hand it back to Big Brother, hardly giving the rest of the housemates time to disagree.

After Mohamed and Rex said the group should vote on whether the card was used, Rebecca begrudgingly said: “Does everyone vote that we give this to them so Luke can nominate?”

After a chaotic show of hands, it was agreed it would be used.

Luke didn’t know he would be banned from casting his vote until Big Brother failed to call him to the Diary Room during the nomination process.

After Lisa had named those she wanted to put up for eviction, Big Brother called Mario to the Diary Room.

Luke was devastated when he realised his name had been skipped.

Luke said “The first person ever banned in the house from nominating. It’s serious stuff that.”

However, the group failed to sympathise with mild-mannered Rachel saying “You’re getting all you deserve, Luke.”

Big Brother Day 26 – Jen ‘Mrs Rigid’?

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JenniferDale called Jennifer “Mrs Rigid” during a disagreement this afternoon.

The Big Brother housemates began arguing after Dale suggested Jennifer had extreme views, prompting her to throw a cup of juice on his stomach.

Dale said “Mrs Rigid, you completely shut out others. Argh, your words are so extreme!”

After their argument Jennifer began chatting to Luke and Rebecca about how much she has in common with Stuart.

Dale joined them and announced he was desperate for a new housemate, much to Jennifer’s annoyance.

She said “Say what you mean then, you can’t tell me you’re besotted with me and then say that.”

A bemused Dale replied “Alright moody, Jen’s getting a cob on.”

Last night Dale told Darnell he sometimes found Jennifer’s opinions annoying, especially when she was rude about him holidaying in Ibiza.

He said “I wouldn’t mind if she just said she couldn’t do that but it’s the way she says things. It’s like ‘That is just a waste of time.’ Er, no it’s not. Don’t aim it as if me and Bex are bad people for wanting to go to Ibiza and stuff like that.”

Big Brother Day 26 – Bex Strips Again

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BexRebecca stripped to her underwear again this afternoon. Exhibitionist Bex – who streaked around the Big Brother house as part of a prank last night – undressed while the housemates were sunbathing in the garden and proceeded to chase Mohamed around the pool wearing just her pants.

She then covered herself in suntan lotion and pressed up against a window, leaving an impression of her assets on the glass.

After watching her display, Luke – who was languishing in jail after being punished for discussing nominations – said “Oh God Rebecca, look at the state of you!”

However, not all the housemates found Bex’s display quite so amusing.

When Mario told Lisa – who was nominating in the Diary Room during the antics – Bex had been naked, she replied “She’s not! She’s a handful, isn’t she? She doesn’t know where to stop. But I take it everyone thought it was funny, of course? Well, it livens the lads’ day up, doesn’t it?”

Kathreya quickly sprang to her friend’s defence, saying “It’s nice and funny. I don’t mind.”

Big Brother Day 26 – Jen’s Sleep Talking

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JenniferMario and Luke teased Jennifer about her sleep talking this morning. The boys confronted part-time model Jennifer about her nocturnal chatter while making breakfast and told her they planned to use her habit to their advantage.

Luke said “Jen, we’ve decided that tomorrow when you’re sleep-talking, we’re gonna ask you your nominations.”

He then said they were going to ask her direct questions while she was asleep, saying “It’s better than any truth serum.”

As Jennifer starting giggling, the boys explained she had been gossiping about Rebecca’s streak around the house in her sleep.

Man mountain Mario then imitated Jennifer’s accent before saying “You said ‘I’ll take me clothes off! What are you taking your clothes off for?!’

“I thought ‘She must have someone in the bed – she can’t be talking to herself.’ And then you started laughing! I thought ‘She must have someone in the bed!’”

Big Brother Day 26 – Luke Jailed

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LukeLuke was sent to jail for discussing nominations this morning. Big Brother called the politics student to the Diary Room and told him he had to go directly to jail as a result of an earlier conversation he had with Rebecca.

Big Brother said “Luke, yesterday in a conversation with Rebecca, you said: ‘On Tuesday night, when the votes are announced, it’s all gonna blow. OK Bex, you’ve got ‘Cookie Love’ and ‘Happy House’ – that’s all we need. ‘ ”

Trying to cover his tracks, a nervous Luke only managed to prove he had broken the rules.

He said “I didn’t even attempt to insinuate that Rebecca should nominate Kat and Rachel. I think you misinterpreted it.”

Luke’s protests fell on deaf ears and he was told to go directly to prison, prompting him to shout “This is absurd! This is ridiculous! This is an outrage!”

The rest of the housemates found Luke’s incarceration hilarious, with Mikey commenting Luke won’t be able to have a political career now he has been behind bars.

The student soon began to worry he might be banned from nominating today and asked Rebecca to use the group’s get out of jail card – which they wanted to save in case someone was imprisoned during a task – to ensure he could cast his vote.

He said “Let them hate us, Rebecca!”

Big Brother Day 26 – Food Running Low

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Big BrotherThe housemates think they have been short-changed after their food supplies started to run low.

Jennifer realised the Big Brother group had run out of bread this morning even though they ordered 22 loaves last week, prompting the contestants to speculate about where their food had gone.

Lisa said “I’d like to know where this £525 budget goes because we didn’t order that much.”

The former body builder – who took charge of last week’s list along with Jennifer and Mikey – proceeded to name items she had ordered and estimate their cost to see if they had received the entire budget.

A relaxed Luke said they had all eaten well so far so if they did run out of food for a couple of days it wouldn’t be too awful.

A less impressed Dale said he “refused to believe” the group had run out of bread.

Rebecca then announced they still had ten jars of peanut butter and four jars of jam.

She said “I don’t understand. What are we supposed to do with these?”

Big Brother Day 26 – Jen & Stu’s Bonding Session

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JenniferJennifer had an intimate talk with Stuart last night. After spending the day bonding with each other the Big Brother pair starting discussing love and their hopes for the future, and their chat soon took a flirty turn.

When Jennifer revealed she had “given up” on love, Stuart decided to convince her she was wrong.

Stuart said “It’s coming, my soulmate is coming and when she does, bam and I’ll marry her. I can’t stand people who are down on it

“You should never give up on love, no matter what you’ve been through. I know my soulmate is out there and I’m gonna marry her and it’ll be perfect.”

Stuart’s mission seemed to be successful when Jennifer replied “I’m waiting for my knight on a white horse.”

Hunky Stuart assured the part-time model – who has also enjoyed a flirtation with Dale while in the house – her perfect partner was just around the corner.

He also called Jennifer “gorgeous” and told her she should be “open to love”.

Big Brother Day 26 – Rebecca Strips

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BexRebecca stripped off in front of the other housemates last night. The cheeky nursery nurse pranked the rest of the contestants by emerging from the Diary Room wearing just a thong and pretending Big Brother had told her to come out naked.

As the shocked housemates looked on, Bex said: “They said I had to remove all my clothes as the T-shirt I was wearing was sending a message to the outside world. Can you believe it?”

Although some of the housemate were sceptical at Bex’s tale, trusting Rachel believed her.

She said “Was it a male Big Brother? Did you say no? That is totally out of order.”

Bex replied “Yeah, it was male. He told me I had to take absolutely everything off.”

A shocked Dale commented “I’m not taking my clothes off.”

Rex replied “You’d do it if you can keep your boxer shorts on.”

However, Big Brother soon scuppered Bex’s plan with the announcement “Could Rebecca please retrieve her clothes from the hallway.”

Bex was forced to come clean and told the rest of the housemate she thought the trick would be “funny”.

She added “They ruined it, why would Big Brother do that?”

Big Brother Day 26 – Dale Fears It’s Over

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DaleDale fears Jennifer has “dumped” him. In a conversation with Darnell last night, lovesick Big Brother housemate Dale moaned about the amount of time Jennifer was spending with Stuart and vowed to stop chasing the pretty part-time model.

He said “Them two being really close all the time is f***ing s**t. I’m getting dumped here, on national TV.”

Albino Darnell tried to reassure Dale, saying: “I don’t think we’ve got to that place yet dude. She talks to him because of all the s**t they have in common, but she likes you despite the fact you have nothing in common. You’re cool, dude! You’re cool as a fan.”

Despite Darnell’s kind words Dale remained unconvinced and revealed he has been having second thoughts about his feelings for Jennifer.

He said “I really like her, she’s dead pretty like. But, well, you know what I’ve noticed about her? If you don’t share her opinions she can’t handle it. Her and Stu can f***ing live happily ever after.

“If I cuddle her or something it’s like I’m a fire blanket, I’m smothering her, but if I stay away Stu gets in there.”

After warning Dale not to “do a Sylvia” and start obsessing about the relationship, Darnell reassured Dale he would have plenty of women like “Mischa Barton and Paris Hilton” throwing themselves at him when he left the house.

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