The Culture Show Debuts the Latest Season

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kermode.jpgThe Culture Show debuted its latest season last night and as usual it was cracker. This is such an accesible show. It marries high culture with pop culture with a complete lack of w*nkiness and the truth is, it’s hard to talk about art and culture without becoming some boring old lecturer that sends everyone snoozing.

Last night’s episode saw a look at the Vienna boys Gustav Klimt and Sigmund Freud. Since every student’s wall has at least one poster of ‘The Kiss’ then this is sure to draw in a huge amount of people. The thing is, behind Klimt’s beautiful paintings is a whole lot of sex and death, something which the Culture Show quite rightly points out is well within Freud’s realm.

What really got me laughing though was Mark Kermode’s review of Sex and The City. When talking about the future franchise possibilties he remarked that this ‘made him lose the will to live’. The thing is, he’s not just bagging on a pop culture film, well he is, but he does it with such style. After nailing it to the wall for its ‘narcissm, product placement’ and general ghastliness, he finishes with a line i will now quote forever and says he wants to watch a film that ‘doesn’t have a handbag where it’s heart is’.

This is why the Culture Show is so excellent, it gives us bite sized chunks of culture, delivered with panache by kookily sexy hosts. So what if you never get out and see the shows/bands/films they talk about. At least you feel like a better person for getting a little culture…

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