Coronation Street Teaser

June 5, 2008 by  
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Coronation StreetSteve’s had a lot on his mind of late, and it’s only getting worse. Aside from pestering Dan to change his story for the police and get him in the clear, Steve is also feeling guilty about his encounter with Becky. So when Michelle suggests that he has a few days away to get over the stress, Steve agrees that a break in Spain to see Andy might be a good idea. But why is he in such a rush to get out of Weatherfield… and why doesn’t he want Michelle to go with him?

Mel has also got a mystery on her hands. She confronts Teresa over some cash that is missing from the till, and is shocked when Teresa admits that she took it. Teresa claims that she stole the cash to buy Finlay some toys, showing her a bag of games Lloyd gave her as proof, so when Lloyd later asks if Finlay liked his games, Mel gets suspicious. She’s floored when Lloyd tells her that he’s the boy’s dad – is the truth ever going to come out?

Elsewhere, Liz’s behaviour continues to make Vernon suspicious. Maria is furious when she hears that Liam is selling the factory. And, after yet more hiccups, the house exchange gets underway – but the course of swapping homes does not run smooth…

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