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EmmerdaleNicola’s dog-sitting business is becoming quite the success, but she’s worried that she may have taken on too many clients. Disaster strikes when Victoria lends a hand and ends up taking a prize stud dog for the snip, leaving the horrified Nicola racing to stop the operation. In her haste, Nicola forgets to lock up and the other dogs make a run for it, so she recruits David to help her get them back. Could this crisis bring the former lovers back together?

Viv is also deep in a crisis this week. Ditching her legal aid solicitor because she didn’t like his advice, Viv demands that Bob pay for a better one. Unfortunately, as Bob explains, their financial situation means that selling the business is the only way they can pay for it. Louise tries to help by offering to buy the Post Office and cafe and keep them in the family, but Viv accuses her of wanting to usurp her role. As prison looms for Viv, it looks like the Hopes are about to fall apart…

Also this week, Miles is worried about his relationship with Jasmine. Everyone tries to muscle in on Marlon’s TV debut. Gennie tries to get in touch with her inner Dingle. And Pollard tells Val about his £30,000 tax debt – will his new marriage survive this crisis?

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