Big Brother Day 2 – Bickering Already

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Big BrotherMario and Stephanie bickered in the early hours of this morning because the sexy blonde doesn’t think Mario is showing her enough affection to convince fellow housemates they are a real item. Steph, who was kicked of Popstars: The Rivals for lying about her age, said “People who only met tonight look closer than we are.”

Mario, Stephanie, Luke and Lisa – Mario’s real life partner – were told to pretend the pair are lovers as a secret task. Meanwhile, Mario told fellow conspirator Luke that Stephanie was already getting on his nerves.

He said “One minute she’s pulling me in and the next she’s pushing me away.”

If the quartet fail their mission to keep up the charade they all face the public vote next week. But if they succeed, every other housemate will be automatically nominated for eviction.

Host Davina McCall told viewers the ‘couple’ will be married in a sham ceremony on Sunday.

Rebecca has already started to cause rifts in the Big Brother house.

The motor-mouth housemate – who entered jumping up and down hysterically and screaming when greeting fellow contestants – is refusing to call Rex by name as it clashes with ‘Bex’, her preferred nickname.

She told Darnell and Mario she was upset Big Brother would not refer to her by her nickname because of its similarity to the self-styled playboy’s name.

Rebecca, 21, from Coventry, also interrupted a conversation between secret couple Mario and Lisa when she went outside for a cigarette.

She said “I hope they give us a real task soon!”

Lisa returned inside muttering “on that note…” under her breath.

And during an early morning wake up call from Big Brother this morning, Rebecca – who is a supporter of the Monster Raving Loony political party – jumped up and down on a bed while Stephanie tried to escape the shrill alarm under her covers.

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