The Apprentice: Why I Fired Them

June 9, 2008 by  
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Remember how some shows do that thing where one episode is a flashback episode, in which the characters recall all the funniest, or sad or whatever moments? I always thought those sucked. This is the reality TV version and so I was not impressed when I read about it. Hey another money maker in the franchise right? After all, Alan Sugar is a businessman. Yet I found, weirdly, that I really, really enjoyed this flashback to all the businessman wannabes.

Perhaps its because those excruciating, humiliating board rooms in which the candidates backstab and bitch are one of the most spectacular examples of human competition at its worst. These guys are breathtakingly arrogant, and yet almost unanimously they are hilariously crap. I mean seriously, who doesn’t know what kosher is? Who actually thinks that the green movement needs greeting cards? Starting from the very first stupid toff who ballsed up the lobster pricing, to the latest to get the boot, zany Lucinda we get to relive those great boardroom moments, with a little background from Sir Alan.

It was great to hear some of the more behind the scenes stuff, a few perceptions from Sir Alan about what made him fire people. What is perpetually interesting to me is that unlike the orginal Trump version Sir Alan does seem to be very clued in about the real behaviour of the candidates. He instantly seems to clock the sordid, selfish inner workings of each person, and then bollock them for it. This flash back show reveals this more than ever and is so enjoyable because of it.

However having sat through this collection of moments I find myself asking – Is it truly possible that one of these people will end up working for Alan Sugar? The ones left over don’t seem any better than the ones who’ve gone before.

Well, we will soon find out.

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