Big Brother Day 5 – Nasties

June 9, 2008 by  
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Big BrotherAlexandra and Sylvia are Big Brother “nasties”, according to Mikey who revealed how upset the pair have made him.
The blind radio producer – who acted as ‘best man’ at Mario and Steph’s fake wedding – revealed his true feelings about the bullying pair in a chat with reunited lovers Mario and Lisa.

The girls blasted Mikey for wearing one of Sylvia’s thongs over his tights while dressed as a bunny girl at Mario’s stag party.

He confided he was upset by the girls’ claim they were “ghetto-bitches from the hood” and that Big Brother was no match for them.

He said to Lisa “Sylvia upset me. She asked Rex whether he liked your meal. She didn’t need to ask that question. They’re just a pair of nasties.”

Mikey – who has been tipped as favourite to win the reality show – also said the bullying pair had been mean to Welsh beauty Rachel and made derogatory comments about her class.

Lisa said “I don’t get why they are making it so obvious. They’re making themselves look bad and the people who know them look bad.

“They obviously don’t care about what will happen on the outside. They’re ruthless.”

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