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Big BrotherDay 3

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with Rachel finally preparing to go to sleep for the first time in the house in the early of hours. The excitable former child actress had not been to bed since entering the house on Thursday night, fearing she “might miss all the fun”. Cocky P.E. teaching student Dale agreed the adrenalin could keep him awake no matter how tired he was but Sierra Leone-born Sylvia said she needs her sleep. But the sleeping habits of the contestants are already causing friction.
Jennifer, Sylvia and Darnell – who stayed up chatting into the early hours – are all fed up with the housemates who moan about them entering the bedroom when they already asleep. Jennifer said: “Hello, why are you asleep? This is the Big Brother house!”

Suspicions were mounting over Mario and Steph’s ‘engagement’. The ‘couple’ – who were pretending to be an item in a secret task set by Big Brother – came under intense scrutiny from fellow contestants in the run up to their fake wedding.

New couple alert! Rachel and Mohamed seemed to be getting close. Miss Wales runner-up Rachel told Mohamed – who admitted to Darnell he fancied the trainee teacher – that lots of women will want to date him when he leaves the house during a chat in the early hours of this morning. But toy demonstrator Mohamed confessed he isn’t very good with women and can only speak to girls up after he has had a few drinks. Rachel, who has already confessed to Stephanie she has a long-term boyfriend on the outside, said: “You don’t need alcohol, you’ve got good social skills. You’ve got confidence. I think you’ll meet a girl when you least expect it. But enjoy being single. You’ll meet the one and she’ll shock you.”

The housemates hatched plans to sabotage the first Big Brother wedding. Camp dancer Dennis plotted to wreck Sunday’s fake ceremony, and Dennis – who previously said he would stop at nothing to win a task – correctly deduced the ‘couple’ would be immune from eviction if they succeeded in fooling the other housemates. He said: “If it’s real, then that’s good. If it’s fake, then we win. It’s a win-win situation.”

Mikey, meanwhile, was more supportive, agreeing to be Mario’s ‘best man’. Bodybuilder Mario asked the blind cross dresser to do the honours, to which Mikey replied “That would be such an honour.”

Albino Darnell made an interesting announcement after Rachel complained that society doesn’t teach people to love themselves enough. Darnell said “I do kind of like my a**.” The songwriter has previously given himself “three out of 10” for physical attractiveness because he is “way too skinny with a massive head”. And he’s not the only housemate with a complex about the way he looks. Cookie-mad Kathreya has vowed to lose weight before her wedding next year because she “looks like a potato”.
She said: “I want to lose half of me.” Last night, celebrity obsessed Rebecca – who was threatened with a restraining order by boy band Hanson for camping outside their hotel rooms – said her hair “looks like it’s been dipped in chip fat”. And fitness fanatic Lisa has been spending a lot of time exercising in the garden after saying her stomach “looks a bit podgy”.

Big Brother treated housemates to stag and hen parties in the evening. The house was split into male and female sides as they prepared to celebrate before the forthcoming ‘marriage’. However, not all female contestants were invited to the hen party.
Steph chose Kathreya, Lisa, Rachel and Rebecca to be her bridesmaids. The foursome were sent to a private room to choose Steph’s dress, jewelry and flowers while they guzzled champagne, cakes and sweets. The remaining three girls – Sylvia, Jennifer and Alexandra- were left sitting on the sofa.

Day 4

Mario told all housemates who doubt his wedding to Steph is real that they will not be invited to the ceremony. He banned all housemates who think his and Steph’s wedding is fake from attending the ceremony.

The wedding has put a great deal of pressure on the four housemates involved – the first four who arrived in the house – which also includes straight laced Luke and Mario’s real-life girlfriend, Lisa. Meanwhile, Mario and Steph – the supposed happy couple – have been hurling abuse at each other. Mario confided in straight-laced Luke, going as far as to say he “hated” Steph, adding: “She threw off the ring saying, ‘I’m not f***ing marrying you.’ She’s pushing me to the limit, she’s a k**b. I said, ‘I don’t particularly like you, in fact, I hate you.’”

In a dramatic twist, Mario tried to call off his ‘wedding’ to Steph – risking putting them both alongside Luke and Lisa up for eviction. After waking up after the hen and stag parties feeling a little worse for wear, the housemates started preparing for Mario and Steph’s ‘marriage’. But tattooed Mario confronted Steph in the bedroom – breaking the marriage tradition that the groom is not supposed to see the bride on the morning of the wedding – and berated her for her ‘unconvincing’ behaviour, saying: “The wedding’s off. Get some other muppet to do it with you.”

Syliva rushed to comfort the bride, saying “Your fiancee needs to watch what he says before it kicks off big style. Why would he just all of a sudden flip on you?”

Mario then went back to the pool where he re-assumed his role of groom to Darnell and Mikey, saying: “I’m going to get a love suite tonight, and champagne with one special lady.”

But the wedding went ahead. The bride emerged to wedding music before a rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’. The minister’s role was taken by the voice of Big Brother. When the point in the ceremony was reached asking if anyone knew of any reason to object the marriage, Alexandra spoke up, saying: “I think we all know how I feel, I object. I think that it has been given to them as a task, or their relationship is not strong enough to marry on UK TV. I think it’s a sham.”

Big Brother wedding

Alexandra was then asked by Big Brother to sit down and all present laughed before the wedding continued. The bride and groom exchanged vows with Steph whispering under her breath before repeating her lines after Big Brother.

Mikey acted as best man and fitted the rings onto Steph and Mario’s fingers. The pair then signed the ‘official register’ together.

Mario raised a toast, getting everyone to repeat: “No ones above you no ones below you, you’re all the same. To my lovely wife.” He then thanked everybody for coming to the wedding.

The wedding is part of a challenge whereby Mario has swapped his real life girlfriend Lisa to pretend he is a couple with Steph, who is 23 years his junior.

Mario and Steph had to convince the other housemates that they were a real couple to win the challenge. It is not clear after Alex’s protestations whether the challenge has been won or lost.

If they succeed in convincing the housemates of their ‘relationship’, Mario and Steph, along with Luke and Lisa, will be exempt from eviction next week. If they fail, all four will face the public vote.

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