Big Brother Day 6 – Alexandra Lets Rip in Bathroom Tirade

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alexandra-day5.JPGMario and Lisa talked about Dennis’ “games” in bed this morning (10.06.08).

The lovebirds – who were reunited on Sunday (08.06.08) after a secret Big Brother task to keep their relationship a secret was rumbled – discussed the camp dancer under the covers.

Beefcake Mario said “Let the game commence. Dennis is playing a massive game.”

The couple said Dennis – who pranced around the living area in a pair of bright blue pants when Big Brother sounded the alarm this morning – secretly wants to lead the group.

Mario added “Some people are attention seekers. People like to think they’re the leader. Leadership is about taking control.
“This is a marathon not a sprint. People will fight for ‘I’m the biggest, I’m the hardest and I’m the strongest.

Lisa – who appeared on BBC’s ‘Kitchen Criminals’ where she pushed judge John Burton Race’s head into her tuna bake – suggested the arguments may be sparked by housemates getting frustrated by the low food supplies.

Alexandra said she doesn’t care if housemates don’t like her.

The Big Brother villain has been at the core of several arguments in the house and has so far butted heads with Mario, Mikey, Rachel, Rebecca and Steph.

But last night (09.06.08), the spiteful Londoner told Sylvia and Dennis exactly what she thought of the other housemates in a private bathroom chat while everyone else celebrated Mario’s birthday in the garden.

She said “People could say that they don’t like me but I wouldn’t give a f**k.”

Alexandra went on to say she doesn’t like Mario because he exploits blind Mikey and that mother-of-one Jennifer was a “sell-out” and will use a romance with Dale to boost her celebrity status.

She said “Jennifer p****s me off. You’ve got your thing with Dale and your five minutes of fame.”

Next she laid into sweet-natured Rachel – who she made cry last night – and boasted that she had a higher salary than the trainee teacher.

She added “She’s very patronising. I think she’s playing it safe, but she’s a d**khead.”

Her nastiness continued when she insisted Lisa “looks like f*****g mutton” and ditsy Rebecca makes her sick.

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