Big Brother Day 6 – Katherya Wants an Elephant for A Bridesmaid

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Kathreya has revealed she plans to have an elephant as her bridesmaid.

The roly-poly Thai told fellow Big Brother housemates about her quirky plans for her wedding last night (09.06.08).

Romantic Kathreya – who fills a lunchbox for her fiance everyday, with heart-shaped sandwiches on Valentine’s Day – is set to marry next year.

Camp Dennis told Kathreya he was jealous of her engagement.

He said “I want to fall in love too. I want to meet someone and fall in love so much. I love listening to you, that’s what I want to happen to me.

“But you can’t make that happen, it just happens to you.”

The nutty cookie-fiend then tried to comfort lonely Dennis.

She said “I’m thirty, honey. Your time’s going to come. Everyone has their own time. All you can do is be the best person you can, and when it comes it will come. Your Prince Charming will come.”

After bonding over their love lives, the pair began to discuss food – prompting Dennis to ask Kathreya what she has for lunch.

She said “Elephant bum bum sandwich!”

Dennis asked if she meant “fat bum bum” sandwich. Kathreya corrected him, saying it was definitely “elephant”.

Big Brother housemates are worried about Darnell.

Last night (09.06.08), Jennifer, Sylvia and Dale said they felt the albino US deportee was isolating himself and has yet to come out of his shell.

Sylvia said “Darnell is a bit, like, different, in the sense that he doesn’t eat at the same time as other people would.

“He hasn’t told me why, but I’m trying to get him to be open. Like, if you feel you can’t sit at the table because of a certain reason, we’re not going to force him. I feel like he’s been isolating himself a little. I’m a bit worried about him.”

Mother-of-one Jennifer confessed she finds it difficult to approach Darnell because he keeps himself to himself.

She added “He’s got such a big barrier.”

Churchgoer Sylvia defended the songwriter, saying he was trying to think about life in the house and work things out.

Darnell has previously admitted he has to battle negative thoughts about his albinism – a genetic condition which makes his hair and skin white.

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