Big Brother Day 7 – Accusations

June 11, 2008 by  
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AlexandraAlexandra has been stealing things from the Big Brother house, according to Jennifer.

The mother-of-one –who had her scissors confiscated by Big Brother this afternoon – suggested the spiteful housemate was responsible for all the missing belongings.

Churchgoer Sylvia said she thinks someone is “playing a game” with her because her stuff keeps disappearing.

Alexandra – who recently said Jen was a “sell out” because she would use a romance with Dale to boost her celebrity status – has been in trouble with the police regarding a robbery in the past.

But yesterday the vicious housemate criticised fellow housemates Rex and Mohamed for borrowing a cigarette from her without asking.

She said in the real world such behaviour would be branded “theft” and it was very disrespectful.

Rex said “The house was locked, I wanted a cigarette before the task, I didn’t know they were yours. I’ll replace your cigarette.”

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