Big Brother Day 7 – Jennifer Rants About Prime Minister

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Big BrotherJennifer is disgusted at Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s unwillingness to lower the abortion limit.

The gorgeous Big Brother housemate has revealed her view on the controversial topic in a chat with hunky Dale and nerdy Luke (1.45pm) – who studies politics at university – this afternoon (11.06.08).

She said “In most countries the limit is 20 weeks. Here it’s 24 weeks. I think that’s disgustingly vile that you can abort a six-month-old fetus.”

Jen – a mother-of-one who is also strongly opposes animal cruelty and lenient immigration policies – said the PM’s stance on the abortion limit was the main reason why she refuses to vote for the Labour Party.

But it’s not only politics the part-time model has strong views on.

The 22-year-old told P.E. teaching student Dale she’s obsessed with celebrities and loves buying showbiz magazines.

She said “Oh no, I’m gonna miss Coleen’s wedding pics! I hope me Mam saves it for me. I love OK. I don’t buy Heat anymore though as it’s gone a bit trashy.”

Darnell and Kathreya were sumo wrestling in the bedroom this afternoon (11.06.08).

Albino Darnell – who was deported from the US for gang related crimes – engaged in a playful bout with fellow housemate Mohamed (3.50pm) before moving onto plus-sized Kat, who is only 5ft tall.

Kathreya said “I’m ready and up for it guys. When I’ve done my wee- wee I’m going to wipe the floor with you!”

Darnell told Mohamed off for trying to trip him up during their oriental-inspired tussle.

Darnell said “You can’t trip in sumo!”

But the songwriter – who nearly had mum-of-one Jennifer in tears with his beautiful singing voice earlier today – met his match when feisty cookie monster Kat stepped up to challenge him.

After explaining the rules, cheeky Kat asked Darnell if she was allowed to grab his crotch – which she says refers to “man sausage” – during the fight.

Darnell said “That’s out of bounds. You actually get a penalty for that.”

But the Thai masseuse was adamant.

She asked “How about if I squeeze it a little bit?”

After an intense battle, the sumo wrestle ended with boisterous Kat apologising for damaging Darnell’s microphone.

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