Big Brother Day 8 – Task Failed Again

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day-6-task.JPGAlexandra walked out of the Big Brother shopping task yesterday (11.06.08).

The hard-nosed housemate gave up on the challenge – which was eventually failed after the two-hour time limit ran out – where she and other contestants had to endure muscle-stimulating shocks.

Rachel and Dennis had to pass a metal ring through a track without touching it. When they did, their fellow housemates were buzzed through a special suit.

Before the task, trouble maker Alex had told the other contestants she would have no problem withstanding the pain.

She said “I’ll take a few shocks if it means we get food. I don’t think it will be painful. It will be more uncomfortable than anything else.”

But tough nut Alex soon yielded to the punishment, yelling “I can’t take it!”

Both Rebecca and Kathreya were in tears from the pain. Sylvia also quit the task.

The house will now have to survive on a ration of £1 per head.

Camp Dennis was crying in the garden after failing the task.

Steph told him “It’s only food, you made a mistake. It doesn’t matter, honestly.”

Jennifer is not attracted to Dale because he is “dirty”.

The stunning model – who P.E. teaching student Dale admitted he fancies – strongly denied she wanted a romance with the lothario.

She told Alexandra: “We don’t like each other like that way, we’re just friends honestly. He’s not my type to be honest. He’s been with 15 women – dirty!”

But despite the denial, the pair snuggled in the luxury bedroom and spent hours chatting.

The mum-of-one confessed to Dale she had a teenage crush on pop star Gareth Gates, saying she used to “fancy the pants off him” and was convinced she would marry the singer.

Dale said “Someone told me I looked like him.”

The ladies’ man added how upset he was after Jen said she thought he spent time with her for the sake of the cameras.

He added “I felt proper s**t when you told me about that. It isn’t funny. It’s not nice to think that someone you spend a lot of time with thinks that about you.”

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