Big Brother Day 8 – Housemates Go Hungry

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big-bro-alex-day-8.jpgBig Brother removed all the food from the house during the night.

Hungry housemates woke this morning (12.06.08) to find the remainder of the houses’ slim rations were gone.

Fitness fanatic Mario said he was not going to exercise because there was no grub for energy.

To make matters worse, Rachel and Dennis failed the shopping task yesterday (11.06.08) meaning everyone will miss out on a luxury grocery budget.

After realising they would have to survive on basics last night, chef Rex suggested they try to ferment fruit and vegetables for alcohol, but warned “we might kill ourselves”.

Welsh beauty Rachel – who decided not to eat her luxury picnic reward for winning the endurance challenge because Dennis convinced her it was a task – confessed to eating a dry piece of Weetabix because she was so hungry.

And Somalian toy demonstrator Mohamed feared there would be no food for his birthday.

Many of the housemates are missing sweet treats, with nutty Kathreya eating invisible cookies to satisfy her obsession and suggesting a “silent protest” against the lack of food.

Alexandra wants Steph evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house.

The argumentative housemate said she hopes the public votes the 19-year-old blonde out on Friday night (13.06.08).

Alex – who has prompted more than 300 complaints from viewers following her foul-mouthed tirades in the house – told couple Mario and Lisa last night (11.06.08) that Steph is “rude”, “talks for talking’s sake” and only showers one every two days.

She said “I want blondie out, big style. I really hope the public vote in our favour.”

Mario – who had to ‘marry’ Steph in a fake ceremony as part of a secret ‘Big Brother’ task and recently called her a “haemorrhoid” – joined in with the lambasting.

He said “For a 19-year-old girl, she doesn’t make much of an effort with her makeup or anything.”

Steph confided in professional chef Rex in the garden.

She said “Alex really hates me, like, really hates me. And for no reason.”

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