Big Brother Day 8 – Intimate Revelations

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Big Brother Day 8 Dale and JenniferLuke read up on sex at the library before losing his virginity.

The 20-year-old Big Brother contestant – who admitted most girls think he is gay – has confessed he needed to do research before his first time when he was 16.

He said “I needed to know what to do.”

But the politics student said his studying didn’t help him perform as well as he had hoped.

Ladies man Dale said he took a more voyeuristic approach to prepare for sex.

He said “I just watched s**t loads of porn.”

But the cocky P.E. teaching student refused to say how many girls he had been with because “they don’t count if they didn’t mean anything.”

Loud mouth Rebecca – who stripped off and jumped into the pool – revealed she was 17 when she first made love.

Luke said “Good girl! I had you down for 12.”

Big Brother finally issued a shopping budget this morning (12.06.08).

Starving housemates have been allowed £112 for the week – which works out at just £1 a head per day – including £5.60 for alcohol.

Motor-mouth Rebecca collected the price list from the Diary Room (11.35am) and informed her fellow housemates they have an hour to decide what they want.

She said “Guess how much a can of cider is? 40p!”

Bossy Alexandra insisted they need to get essentials like bread, pasta, butter, milk and plenty of fish.

She said “We need all the basics really, so we can make something out of nothing.”

Bizarrely, vegetarian Jennifer asked if tuna was tested on animals.

She added “I’m not eating dolphin.”

The housemates spent £101 on shopping and decided to use the remainder for tokens, which can be exchanged for hot water or the use of hair care products.

Mathematics student Steph double checked the amount spent and worked out they had an extra £10 available.

Luke added “It is amazing what you can get for £112.”

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