Coronation Street Teaser

June 12, 2008 by  
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Coronation StreetThe house-swapping saga rumbles on this week as the Websters and Peacocks struggle with sharing Number 4 until everything’s sorted out. Chaos reigns as everyone tries to get ready for work at once – this arrangement is clearly not going to work! However, Claire has other things on her mind when a clear-out at Number 13 unearths a potential gold-mine…

Michelle, meanwhile, is becoming more and more paranoid about what Steve is hiding. When she confronts Lloyd about it, much to Becky’s alarm, Lloyd tells her that Steve blew five grand in the casino. Michelle soon realises that this is a lie – not only is there no evidence of the loss on Steve’s credit card bill, but he denies even going to a casino. How long will it be before Michelle finally gets to the bottom of this?

Elsewhere in Weatherfield this week, David and Tina cause trouble when they have a riotous party. Vernon tries to distract Liz by suggesting that they buy their own bar. And Michelle makes a big mistake when she accuses Leanne of sleeping with Steve.

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