Emmerdale Teaser

June 12, 2008 by  
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EmmerdalePoor old Pollard – will his money woes never end? This week, he’s forced to inform his workers that with no orders and no wages, the factory has to close. When Sam sympathises, offering to work for free until things are better, Pollard is touched but replies that it will make no difference – it would have been better if the place had just gone up in smoke. Unfortunately, the ever-enterprising Sam takes Pollard’s throwaway remark literally…

Over at the Woolpack, Marlon is becoming frustrated and loses it when Val asks him to warm up some gazpacho soup. Marlon orders Val out of the kitchen, prompting Diane to suggest that he tone down the drama queen act, but it looks like he might have something to smile about when the new manager of Malt drops in and offers him a job.

Also this week, Val is informed that she got the wrong end of the stick about the pub of the year contest. Daz confronts Jake about his feelings for Jasmine. And Ashley and Laurel are concerned about Gabby’s state of mind – how has the whole Arthur situation affected their little girl?

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