Hollyoaks Teaser

June 12, 2008 by  
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HollyoaksSasha and Fletch’s addictions get them into even deeper trouble this week, as the desperate pair knock Cindy to the ground and snatch her purse. Later, Sasha is baby-sitting Leah but gives in to her need for a fix when she finally takes Nige up on his offer. Ste and Amy get home to find Leah alone, near a needle, and Sasha emerging from the bedroom with a half-naked Nige. Will they ever forgive Sasha for putting the baby in danger?

Steph is panicking at the prospect of everything going wrong on her wedding day. When she accidentally rips her wedding dress, she freaks out and announces that the ceremony is off. After Mandy tells her to get a grip, Steph pulls herself together and tells Max that it’s back on – but, after hearing that OB has exciting plans to move to New York, will he still be up for it?

Also this week, John Paul fears that Keiron’s job is more important to Keiron than their relationship. Danny is upset about Hannah dumping him over the Mercedes debacle. And Myra makes a discovery that will change everything.

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