Big Brother Day 8 – Mario Moans Again

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mario-and-lisa.jpgMario says Mikey is the only housemate who understands him.

The muscle-bound moaner told girlfriend Lisa this afternoon (12.06.08, 2pm) he has a strong bond with the blind cross dresser, something which he hasn’t got with anyone else in the house.

He said “You can get a level conversation from Mikey and to be honest I can’t get that out of anyone else.

“With Mikey, he understands. He is a clever, articulate chap.”

Fellow fitness fanatic Lisa suggested sweet-natured Rachel is a good person and also says Rex is a nice guy.

But Mario insisted that Mikey – who Mario asked to be his ‘best man’ at his fake wedding to Steph – was the only housemate he really got on with.

Mario added that the biggest problem in the house is that no-one reads instructions, no-one plans and no-one listens.

He also said the swearing in the house was “despicable”.

Housemates have previously accused Mario of exploiting Mikey’s blindness and helping him out around the house to look good for the cameras.

Churchgoing student Sylvia was bickering with Somalian toy demonstrator Mohamed – who admitted to Darnell he has a crush on the gorgeous housemate – about the way he was looking at her this afternoon (12.06.08, 2.10pm).

He said to Syliva “Every time I look at somebody I always look at them funny huh? I don’t look at anyone funny. If I did it’s because my mouth is burning from that pepper I ate.”

But 21-year-old Sylvia wasn’t prepared to drop it.

She said “Speak to the hand coz the face ain’t listening.”

After mum-of-one Jennifer pointed out the sexual tension between the pair, Sylvia recoiled saying the singleton didn’t stand a chance.

She said: “Ah, boo. In your dreams!”

Mohamed jokingly replied “literally”, referring to the “naughty” thoughts he previously confessed during a game of Truth or Dare.

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