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June 12, 2008 by  
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NeighboursThere’s high drama this week as Steph, Dan, Steve and Ned try to dig themselves out of the collapsed mine. While claustrophobic Steve tries to keep Ned awake by talking to him, Steph is giving Dan a grilling about his feelings: is he really over his estranged wife, Sam? Before he can answer, the rescue party arrives and whisks everyone to hospital – where Dan collapses and is rushed into surgery. Who will he ask for when he comes round – Libby or Sam?

Meanwhile, Marco is presented with an exciting proposition when Frazer suggests that they open a restaurant together. Marco would love to follow his dream, but can he break his father’s heart and leave the family business? When Lou says that he may sell the General Store, Marco and Frazer make plans to take it over – but it’s not long before Lou starts to feel a bit strange about handing over the business that he and Harold founded.

Also this week, Miranda urges Steve to tell Ned the truth about their father. Paul tempts Kirsten with the offer of a trip to Europe. Will Marco and Oliver bury the hatchet? And Ben and Charlie put their lives at risk when they attempt to re-enact the mineshaft accident.

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