Big Brother Day 9 – Greedy Mohamed

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Big BrotherMohamed is being greedy with the housemates’ rations.

The cheeky toy demonstrator ate a generous lunch of toast, onion, mushrooms and spaghetti hoops this afternoon (13.06.08, 1.10pm), which other housemates felt was “excessive consumption”.

He later had a heated argument with camp Scot Dennis over how much he had been eating.

The sweet-toothed Somalian also filled a glass half full with orange squash before diluting it with water.

Motor-mouth Rebecca witnessed the over-indulgent behaviour.

She told Luke and Steph “You know we’re meant to be rationing and stuff? Well, Mohamed just filled half his glass with juice. When I mentioned it, he said ‘that’s how I like it’.”

Mild-mannered Luke said he had also spotted Mohamed being selfish with the house’s slim rations.

He said “Yesterday, he used 16 spoonfuls of sugar or more. He must have used nine today.”

Rebecca suggested they should make up jugs of squash and hide it.

She added:”I only put a little bit in. It’s so concentrated, putting half in would be way too strong for me.”

The housemates were limited to a budget of just £112 – which works out as £1 a head per day – after failing the shopping task.

Mikey says he doesn’t feel part of the group because there isn’t one to be part of.

The blind cross dresser told fellow housemate Kathreya this afternoon (13.06.08, 3,10pm) he felt the Big Brother house was made up of lots of smaller groups and not one big one.

He said: “There’s no group so you can’t feel bad if you don’t feel part of it. There’s separate wee groups.

“I don’t feel worried because I knew it would be like this. You can’t be friends with everybody.”

But fun-loving Kat told Mikey she thinks everyone likes him.

She said “I can see you get on with a lot of people.”

The cookie eating Thai masseuse also praised Mikey for living on his own with his disability.

Mario – who is the bookies’ favourite to be evicted tonight – interrupted the pair’s bonding session when he came in after his work out

Kat shouted “You look cream crackered!”

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